Hey there, I'm Hunter. I’ve grown up on Sydney's Northern Beaches and currently reside in Wollongong on the South Coast of New South Wales.

From a young age I’ve had a passion for surfing, music, the outdoors and new places, which has inspired me to travel the world. It is through these experiences, that photography has helped me see a much bigger picture of the world. Through appreciating the small moments, I was drawn to the idea of telling the story of a couple on their wedding day.

For a few years now I have been documenting the weddings of unique and inspiring couples who have welcomed me into their special day to capture the raw, happy, organic moments that often go unseen.  It has always been a privilege to share my perspective of the happiness shared with loved ones on the couples wedding day.  My goal is to create powerful images that couples are going to want to look at for the rest of their lives, and be able to smile and transport themselves back in time.

My relaxed approach to your day aims to make your experience authentic, stress-free, and enjoyable.  The photographs come to life through my ability to adapt to every couple and make you, as individuals feel comfortable in an atmosphere and setting where you can be yourselves and enjoy every moment.  The final product is a genuine representation of the couple’s honest and heartfelt commitment to each other.

No matter how big or small your wedding day is, if my style resonates with you, please get in touch and lets create something special!

Email: huntermanuelphoto@gmail.com

Ph: +61 488 156 694

Instagram: @huntermanuelphoto

Facebook: /huntermanuelphoto


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