Hey !

I'm Hunter Manuel. I'm 23 and live in Freshwater on Sydney's Northern Beaches, Australia.

I love surfing, music, the outdoors, the city, and taking photographs.

The ocean and the outdoors is what inspired me to pick up a camera. I grew up surfing from a young age so it was only a matter of time before I picked up the camera and started to document it and the culture surrounding it.

I love seeing new places and experiencing the life inside them; meeting new people with different stories and backgrounds. It is through these adventures & experiences that help me to see a much bigger picture of the world and keeps me forever thriving to visit new places and visually document them. I love being in a foreign place and not knowing what kind of person you’re going to meet or what kind of photo you’ll come up with. Being behind the lens helps me slow down time and see visually aesthetic potential in moments that generally go unseen - usually it’s just the simple things; people or sometimes nature just doing it’s thing.

Wedding photography is something I have ventured into the last couple years. I have quite a photojournalistic style with a strong attention to small details. Its these small details that can help tell a story really well. Weddings are such a happy day filled with raw, organic emotions as it’s a day shared with close one’s and loved one’s. I guess this is why I like them - it makes me feel good knowing a couple is going to be able to re-live their wedding day and to be able to just smile for a moment. My goal is to create powerful images that you are going to want to look at for the rest of your life!

If you enjoy my style of weddings please anyone you know that might be getting married for chat - I’d love to hear from them ! (email me:

I have also found myself venturing into fashion photography. I find it’s pretty similar to weddings in the way you can take your couple and set them up in a nice location with some nice light.

Please reach out to me if you like my style. I am always open to new experiences and avenues. I am available for any freelance commission based work.